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Intelligent automation for efficient energy production
The waste incineration plant in Basel is operated by IWB, the Basel industrial works. In cooperation with Saacke Switzerland, STEBATEC was able to equip four pilot and support burners of the furnace lines with new control technology for IWB. With new control cabinets, interfaces to the existing process control system and rapid commissioning during the overhaul of the oven lines, the plant was brought up to the latest state of the art.
Major project at FBB Kalksandstein AG in Münchenbuchsee
In the course of the renewal of the sand-lime brick production, STEBATEC AG renewed the steam plant of FBB Kalksandstein AG.  In addition to the burner and the pumps, all measurement and control technology was modernised.
PLC controls, ARAbella process control system, STEBalarm, Pneumatic discharge control TFPNA
The catchment area extends from Brienz to Axalp via Schwanden and Hofstetten. STEBATEC has already carried out the electrical planning mandate and will now also implement the control and instrumentation technology, as well as the STEBATEC IT and network concept. Two TFPNA pneumatic flow controllers will be used for water distribution on two roads and for precise flow measurement.
Take advantage of smart measurement systems
ARA Falkenstein has been operating flow measurements in the sewer network for a long time. For various reasons, they were looking for a new flow meter that does not generate backwater, is guaranteed to cover a large measuring range, and is user-friendly. The LDM was chosen not least because it is manufactured in Switzerland.
Stadtwerke Kiel relies on Swiss quality
The city of Kiel, located on the Baltic Sea, relies on the SCHEIDEGGER damper actuator 24V DC in a newly constructed drinking water tank, which convinces with its smallest electrical power at highest torque.
Control system, instrumentation and control, STEBAjet, exhaust air system and extended process monitoring
After a good forty years of operation, certain “signs of wear and tear” inevitably become visible. Therefore, the municipality of Hilterfingen decided to renew the infrastructure of the rainwater tank and pumping station Eichbühl as well as the pumping station Hünegg. In the search for a competent supplier, the ideal partner for the project was found in the company STEBATEC
Mobile steam plant, Despraz SA
Despraz SA, a leading company in the field of piping and fittings for boiler plants, would like to expand its stock of mobile steam systems and has found the right partner in STEBATEC AG for the risk management and execution of the EMSR technology.
ARA Langnau: replacement of pumping station Marbach control system incl. connection to the ARAbella process control system
ALLinONE control system was installed in just one day. The flexible configuration options make it possible to connect the outstation, including alarms, to the new PLS at WWTP Langnau without the need for complex programming.
Steam plant, Migros subsidiary ELSA Estavayer Lait SA
Estavayer Lait SA, or ELSA for short, operates one of the largest dairies in Switzerland in Estavayer-le-Lac. It processes 269 million kilograms of milk a year and employs around 600 people. It has been part of the Migros community since 2003 and is therefore essential for the food supply in Switzerland.
2x Partially Filled Flow Measurement Stationary TF Nominal Size 1000
The Kloten/Opfikon wastewater treatment plant treats wastewater from Zurich Airport and the towns of Kloten and Opfikon. For more than ten years, the Kloten wastewater treatment plant has relied on STEBATEC measurement technology to ensure that wastewater treatment costs are billed according to the source. With the new construction of the wastewater treatment plant, the latest technology has now also been installed: two stationary partially filled flow meters TF with a nominal diameter of 1000.
Successful cooperation for almost fifty years
The cooperation with SCHEIDEGGER in Saanen goes back to 1973, when the company’s founder, Paul Scheidegger, equipped individual parts of the plant with his technology and installed the first cable network and an electromechanical control system. This control system remained in operation for forty years until 2013, when it was converted to a stored-program control system.
Grosses Moos Water Association in Ins in the Bernese Seeland
SCHEIDEGGER has been managing the Grosses Moos water network (Wagrom) in the Bernese Seeland for a long time. Wagrom comprises an approximately 100-kilometre-long water network of 17 municipalities, as well as other contractual partners.
Rehabilitation of WWTP and special structures during operation
Together with Ryser Ingenieure AG from Berne, the STABATEC team was able to complete the renovation of the wastewater treatment plant, as well as the replacement of the control and measurement technology in the external structures, and the integration of a process control system within one year during operation.
Wastewater association Stockacher Aach, mixed wastewater treatment Hohenfels
STEBATEC as general equipment supplier; The Kalkofen wastewater treatment plant was converted into a mixed wastewater treatment plant. The volume of the clarifiers converted to mixed wastewater treatment was too small to achieve the necessary separation efficiency. Instead of building additional volume, the cleaning performance is achieved with lamella separators used.
Steam network monitoring by means of pressure sensor
Due to vibrations, the pressure switch for monitoring the steam network was repeatedly triggered. This led to the shutdown and standstill of the system. A pressure sensor with an evaluation device was installed instead of the pressure switch.
For more than 25 years
The SCHEIDEGGER damper actuators can be mounted on all products of the well-known damper suppliers known to us instead of a handwheel and operated with corresponding mechanical ratios. They are ideally suited for shut-off dampers as well as for control dampers.
Wastewater treatment plant Langnau im Emmental, wastewater storage basin Zeughaus
“The LDM is a very intuitive system. The transmitter provides the information I need at a glance” says Hans Stucki, plant manager of WTTP Langnau, who wanted a precise and reliable measuring device to limit the amount of water transferred and to measure dry weather quantities for billing.
Under the Matterhorn
The Zermatt sewage treatment plant, which was built underground in rock caverns, was completely rehabilitated, almost doubling its biological treatment capacity. From the mandate of electrical planning and execution, a close cooperation developed, which today covers the entire measurement and control technology. Tasks Analysis of the existing plants and equipment Development of an overall EMSR concept Preparation of cost estimate Complete EMSR planning Site management: electrical installations, switchgear and control systems, measurement technology Initial situation / existing situation In 2008, Ryser Ingenieure AG, which was commissioned with the renovation of the Zermatt wastewater treatment plant, called in STEBATEC AG for the electrical planning.
City of Winterthur (CH), Wastewater storage basin Dättnau
The sewerage network of the city of Winterthur consists of over 600 km of private and public sewerage. It collects wastewater from Winterthur and 11 surrounding municipalities and directs it to the ARA Hard. During heavy rainfall, the sewerage system below the Dättnau stormwaterbasin was overloaded even though the Dättnau stormwater basin above was almost never filled.
City of Solothurn (CH), flood relief Postplatz
The old weir in the spillway at the Postplatz in Solothurn served for many years, but now had to make way for a system that meets the requirements of modern sewer network operation. The water flows from the 1.7m inlet canal via the opening in the ground (jump weir) into the 600-metre canal, which is about 1m lower, in the direction of the sewage treatment plant.
Hot water boiler, Schlachtbetriebe St.Gallen AG (CH)
Since the renovation of the building in 2007, the slaughterhouses of St. Gallen AG (SBAG) have operated three hot water boilers equipped with dual fuel burners. A woodchip boiler was installed during renovation work. In the same stage, the two older boilers were taken out of operation. The third existing boiler, built in 2007, and its control system were getting on in years, which is why renovation was necessary.
Complete renovation of the exterior structures as general contractor
STEBATEC equipped the entire sewer network with PNA dynamic flow controllers and flow measurements, which were integrated into the ARAbella process control system via STEBAnet and connected to the INKA sewer network regulation system. Since 2016, the entire ZAO sewer network has been dynamically regulated.
City of Wädenswil (CH)
In 2010, four stormwater tanks in Wädenswilon Lake Zurich were equipped with MID-controlled PNA pneumatic discharge controls. This system was chosen at that time because it could be easily retrofitted in the old tanks, requires little space and allows the throttle volume to be changed at any time. In addition, a complete throttle shaft from STEBATEC was installed in the rainwater reservoir Schlossgasse, which has an untypical geometry due to its location between the railway track and the rainwater reservoir.
WastewaterAssociation oberes Lavanttal -wastewater treatment plant Twimberg (AT)
PP-Engineering, Euratsfeld; In course of the extension of the wastewater treatment plant and the adaptation to the state of the art in Twimberg, several tasks were fulfilled by the installation of the STEBATEC discharge control TF-PNA.
Pacovis wastewater treatment plant, Sassenberg
During the production of marinades for meat and herb mixtures, the Pacovis company in Sassenberg (D) produces wastewater with a high concentration of COD (chemical oxygen demand). In order to relieve the local wastewater treatment plant, an SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor) treatment plant was installed, which pre-treats the waste water and reduces the COD concentration to below 800 mg/l before it is discharged into the public sewage system.
Syndicat des Eaux de Tavannes et Environs, WWTP Loveresse
Loveresse’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) treats the wastewater of the municipalities in the catchment area of the Syndicat des Eaux de Tavannes et Environs with a total population equivalent of around 7000. Like all WWTPs in the Canton of Berne, it is subject to the condition imposed by the Office for Water and Waste of the Canton of Berne that the conditions of discharge of the treated wastewater into the receiving watercourse be complied with even in the event of a power failure.
State-of-the-art control system with telecontrol technology, web interface and alarm system.
Several hamlet on the territory of the municipalities of Burgdorf and Kirchberg had no link-up to the central sewer system. To improve this unsatisfactory situation, the intention was to collect the residential wastewater from the different hamlets in pump wells and then dispose of it into the public sewer systems. On the basis of the available connections, totally six smaller pumping stations and one main pumping station were needed.
Association for waste water treatment in Saint-Imier and surroundings, WWTP Villeret
The Office for Water and Waste of the Canton of Berne obliges the operators of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) to comply with the discharge conditions for treated wastewater into water bodies even in the event of a power failure. Therefore, the operators of the WWTP must install an emergency power supply that can guarantee the operation of the essential plant components.
WWTP V.O.G, La Verna, Ecublens, sludge treatment
The La Verna wastewater treatment plant in Ecublens FR has already completed several moderniza-tion phases during its almost 30-year collaboration with Stebatec.After this long period of trustful cooperation, the next major project is pending; the expansionof the sewage treatment plant from 22,500 population equivalents (PE) to 50,000 PE. To replace a control system in the ongoing clarification operation requires meticulous planning, ex-tensive preparatory measures and, ultimately, great commitment during the effective conversion phase.
Association of the Schwarze Pumpe Industry Park, D-Spremberg
…the wastewater volumes in the free-flow area upstream of the treatment plants would be accurately recorded and water analysis data determined. Two independent measuring points were to measure the flows accurately and stably, while a third measuring point was to be additionally equipped with online analysis measurement with data transmission.
Outsourcing the SCADA system saves internal server infrastructure
Many smaller sewage treatment plants are not manned permanently but are monitored by officials in charge of other treatment plants or by someone named by the municipality. This is the situation also in the waste water treatment systems of Erlach, La Ferrière, Twann and Prèles. Their owners were looking for a possible remote service solution to quickly obtain the full pictureof all processes going on or to change parameters without the need to travel a long distance in each case.
From electrical planning to installation and commissioning.
The City of Grenchen is currently renewing itsfour stormwater basins constructed in differentyears. The first such basin to be refurbished isthe second-oldest and the biggest of the four basins built in 1975 ad named after the publicswimming pool nearby. The basin had a numberof structural defects but most pressing were therectification of issues of operating the basin andproblems of work safety.
STEBalarm; software for call-out planning and alarm processing.
The AEK Energie AG is the leading energy supply company in the Jurasüdfuss region. The company, founded in 1894, manages a large range of different facilities that has been growing in the course of time and, among others, operates about 40 central heating plants at present. The gradual growth also reflects in the alarm sys-tems – several different independent solutions existed.
ARA Radet im Wallis (Schweiz)
The waste water treatment plant Radet near Leukin the canton of Wallis treats the waste water of12 municipalities. Recently, the administration union had installed additional measuring pointsin the sewerage system to improve the billing accuracy. However, the inflow to the treatment plant was still not measured. That would have required substantial input at the construction end and caused unreasonable cost.
ARA Region Oberes Simmental
The Region Oberes Simmental sewage treatment plant treats sewage of the municipalities of Lenkand Zweisimmen. The largest inflow passes through the Galgenbühl storm overflow basin, other inflows originate in the area of Mannried and the Grubenwald pumping station. During rainy spells the inflow from Mannried often causes overload conditions in the sewage treatment plant.
Reinhalteverband Mühltal & Region Böhmerwald, A-Auberg
The Reinhalteverband Mühltal & Region Böhmerwald in Upper Austria consists of 24 municipalities, looks after around 1.000 km of sewer, 18.000 sewer shafts, 300 pumping stations, 60 storm waterbasins and 6 sewage treatment plants. Despite its size, however, the drainage system reached its limits. The individually operated storm waterbasins, for example, relieved the load rigidly into the recipient in the event of overload.
Verbandskanäle Abwasser Region VKA Nidau/Biel
For 15 years, VKA and STEBATEC, the German Association for Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment, have been working together successfully. The latest milestone is the introduction of ARAbella ONLINE: With the web-based process control system, processes can be controlled online via remote access. A management of the waste water quantities becomes possible.
Water supply Diessbach BE
The 1000 inhabitant community of Diessbach in the Swiss canton of Berne obtains its drinking water from ESAG in Lyss and operates its own reservoir for the water supply. Because the previous components were obsolete and there were no spare parts left, the community had the control system renewed by STEBATEC in order to increase operational safety.
Computer, control and process control technology as a carefree package.
Viteos SA is a major water and power supplier inthe canton of Neuchâtel, who also operates ownhydropower plants. The short course of the Serrière River in Neuchâtel, which receives waterfrom an extensive karstic catchment area, hasbeen generating electricity since 1939. The plantwas modernized in 1978 and rebuilt completelyin 2016. Part of the project was the moderniza-tion and simplification of the old screen systemwhich Viteos SA requested STEBATEC to do.The order also included level measurements forcontrolling the screen cleaning machine and monitoring the plant, an alarm system and aweb-based control of the main gate in the turbine inflow.
WVS Wasserverbund Seeland AG, ground water catchments and water tower Gimmiz
Last year, STEBATEC was allowed to replace the existing process control system and the control software of the water supply system and implement extensive process optimizations. Energie Service Biel/Bienne, Energie Seeland AG and the Seeland Water Supply Association are partners of the Wasserverbund Seeland, which supplies drinking water to around 30 communities and 100,000 people in the Bernese Seeland.
Water resource regulation in the Bern canton
The Port regulating weir at the Nidau–Bürencanal controls the outflow of the Aare riverdownstream Lake Biel and there fore the level of the three Jurassic lateral lakes. Whereas, on the one hand, the levels in these lakes should notrise too high during floods, on the other hand, the outflow of the Aare river should be maintained within agreed limits to protect the areas further down the river.
Le Landeron interregional wastewater association
The sewage treatment plant in Le Landeron has recently been running on STEBATEC’s ARAbella online process control system, which allows the plant to be accessed from anywhere via a browser. Massively higher operating convenience and availability from any location are among the main advantages of the new control technology. At the same time, the PLC control programs were migrated to new hardware.
Spiez hydropower plant, Wimmis weir
The BKW power plants of Berne, Switzerland, measure the wa-ter flowing to the Spiez hydropower plant at the Wimmis weir. The water flow is measured by an ultrasonic time domain meter from STEBATEC. Fairly high peak discharge flow rate of up to 15 cubic meters a second as well as the plulsating, turbulent flow conditions are particular challenges to the measuring equipment.
Successful completion of the first INKA phase
About 110 participants from four countries and three language regions met to celebrate the completion of the first INKA phase in mid-Maythis year. Among them were also representatives of eight cantonal water protection authorities and from more than 30 planning companies. Intense interest focused on the full-day conference organized by STEBATEC AG at their headquarters in Brügg at which all aspects of this futureoriented project to operate sewer systems more efficiently, make more balanced use of sewage treatment plants and improve water pollution control were discussed.
Rügen water and waste water supply municipal association
he Rügen water and waste water supply municipal association (ZWAR) is responsible for the waste water management throughout the Baltic Sea island of Rügen, which turns into a tourist strong hold each summer. During that season, the waste water flow is many times the normal flowso that extreme fluctuations must be managed.
ARA Meiringen
The Meiringen waste water treatment plant tre-ats the waste water of the municipalities of Mei-ringen, Hasliberg and Schattenhalb and – nitrogen reduction included – is designed for about 13,000 population equivalent. The old process control system had become outdated and the frequency of failures increased.
Reinhalteverband Mühltal & Region Böhmerwald
The Upper Austrian Reinhalteverband Mühltal & Region Böhmerwald comprises 24 municipalities and manages about 1,000 km of sewer, 18,000 sewer shafts, 300 pumping stations, 60 storm water basins and 5 sewage treatment plants. One of the storm water basins, the Erletbasin near Ulrichsberg, consists of two storagepipes each 30 m long and 2,000 mm in diameter.The pipes store the rainwater and retain it beforeit enters the main sewer towards the Ulrichsberg sewage treatment plant.
Operating cost divider according to stationarily measured external water quantities.
An association of twelve municipalities in Wallis was looking for a just cost allocation solution to account for the high foreign water content in the waste water entering the treatment plant. The measuring system installed now records the different outflows and thereby rewards those municipalities that already have installed a separation system.
Measurement and control of the inflow volumes of the Limeco wastewater treatment plant
A newly fitted part-filled permanently installed flow metering system from STEBATEC acquires important measuring data on the distribution of inflows in the waste water treatment plant of Limeco. The system marks another step towards the optimum management of a sewerage system in which advanced measuring, control and regulating systems permit the optimized use of available infrastructures before extensions have to be implemented.
Braunau AT sewage treatment plant installs new measurement and control technology from STEBATEC AG
The installation of flow measurements in the inlet and outlet of the Braunau AT sewage treatment plant brings clarity to the quantitative balance. In addition, the outlet measurements were supplemented with pneumatic control flaps so that the levels in the secondary clarifiers can be kept precisely at a level of +-3cm via the underwater clear water outlets.
ASTRA Federal road office (CH)
The Federal Roads Office (ASTRA) relies on STEBATEC for the collection of precise hydro-measurement data as a basis for the expansion of the Belchentunnel, both for the measurement technology and for data transmission and monitoring.
Wastewater association Korneuburg (AT) area
The wastewatertreatment plant (WWTP) of the wastewater association of the Korneuburg area was built in the 1980s and designed for 40,000 inhabitants. In 2016, due to the high population growth, the wastewatertreatment plant and the flood pumping station situated upstream had to be extended to 85,000 p.e. and adapted to the state of the art.
Waste water association of Meilen, Herrliberg and Uetikon am See
The Meilen waste water association on Lake Zurich had two measuring stations set up to collect data on wastewater charges at an industrial company. Because the wastewater flows from pressure pipes, the construction had to be adapted to the situation. The scope of supply includes a carefree package: Flow measurement Measuring chamber Control and lift for lowering Data transmission to the sewage treatment plant
Installation of pneumatic outflow controls in the storm-water sedimentation basin of the sewage treatment plant
The pneumatic discharge control system installed in 2011 at the storm water tank in the direct inlet of the sewage treatment plant ensures stable hydraulic conditions. Previously, there had been regular incidents because the throttling device was unable to continuously feed the water from the stormwater tank, which is located in the main intake, to the sewage treatment plant.
Langenburg Success Story
The Oberregenbach sewage treatment plant of the town of Langenburg (D) is located between Stuttgart and Nürnburg and treats the waste wa-ter of about 1,800 inhabitants. Located on the foot of a slope, the water from the storm-water basin runs down a steep canal. Before the STE-BATEC drain controller was installed, the waste water was slowed down by a mechanical scale throttle before it entered the sewage treatment plant.
Discharge limitation of the backflow channel inlet to the Walkersbach sewage treatment plant
The Walkersbach sewage treatment plant reacts sensitively to fluctuating inflow volumes. The installed balance throttle is to be replaced by a control element which can reliably limit the inflow quantities from the dammed up channel, which is partly up to four metres high, to a maximum of 4 l/s.
Electromechanical equipment for the Ipsach rainwater basin
The Association for Sewers and Waste Water (VKA) in Nidau is responsible for the waste water treatment plants from Port to Moeringen on the southern banks of Lake Bielersee. The Association manages several rainwater basins and pumping station. The Ipsach rainwater basin was built in the early 1990s. The unique feature is that this is a rainwater basin in a connected system.
Rehabilitation of the sewage measuring station in the town of Kloten
The measuring point is used to define the quantity of wastewater from the town of Kloten, which is fed into the Kloten/Opfikon wastewater treatment plant for treatment. The existing venturi measurement is to be replaced by a more accurate and reliable measurement. The measurement data are the basis for the distribution key for the cause-based cost allocation of operating costs for wastewater treatment.
Demonstrably reliable and dependable sewage treatment plant outlet measurement.
The operators of the sewage treatment plant of the NATO airbase in Fürstenfeldbruck have decided to use a flow measurement with guaranteed accuracy of measurement for precise and cause-based cost accounting.
Flow measurement for precise collection of wastewater charges.
In industrial companies, drinking water supply and wastewater volumes often differ considerably, so that the quantity of drinking water supply cannot be used for the collection of wastewater charges. To ensure that the wastewater bill for Armasuisse in St. Maurice is acceptable and correct for both parties (municipality and industrial company), a billing measurement system was installed by STEBATEC as early as 2011.
Extraneous water measurements of all municipalities in the catchment area of the ARA Wangen - Wiedlisbach
Already 5 years ago a measuring campaign was carried out to determine the extraneous water in the catchment area of the ARA Wangen – Wiedlisbach. In order to determine an up-to-date, polluter-oriented cost distributor, the current discharge values of the connected communities with 15 measuring points were to be determined.
Waste water URI, measurement technology in the catchment area
The waste water of the municipality of Spiringen is treated by the sewage treatment plant in Altdorf. A storm water tank is located at the boundary of the municipality of Spiringen. Until now, the discharge of this tank has only been limited by a statically adjusted gate valve. When large amounts of water accumulate, flooding occurred at the properties below the storm water tank.
Zulaufmessung Laufen AG
Keramik Laufen AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bathroom products. The factory produces waste water, which is disposed of in the local sewage treatment plant. In order to draw up a consumer-oriented cost statement, the waste water in the plant’s outlet, as well as the inflow into the plant, must be precisely measured.
NEAT; Consorzio TAT Tunnel Alptransit Ticino
When ready, the Gotthard base tunnel will be the world’s longest railway tunnel. After a successful initial installation phase in 2006, additional installations for measuring the flows of water from the construction site and the entering well water are required in the section from Faido towards Sedrun in 2009.In the Faido – Sedrun section, the water flows in the drai-nage ducts after the Piora syncline and in the Borel zone are to be measured, the measuring data transferred to the tunnel portal by a suitable data transmission system and processed automatically by customized computer software so that the measuring results can be submitted to the supervisory authorities and the geologists as fully analyzed data sets.