Confirmed expertise & quality

At STEBATEC, the combination of a broad wealth of experience, sustainable action and the highest quality standards have always been the success factors on which our corporate growth is built. Equally important to us is value-oriented action towards fellow human beings and nature. We have already been able to successfully demonstrate these principles in over 2000 successful projects in various specialist areas. This also includes complete transparency from the first customer contact to process control. External certification in the areas of quality and environmental management has confirmed our efforts to work according to leading process standards. The continuous optimisation of our organisation ensures high quality, diversity of knowledge and our independence. For a sustainable value chain in which interfaces flow together to form a whole.

Values lived at STEBATEC


Diversity and considerate cooperation are our strengths that distinguish us as a community.


We are not only tolerant of people who think differently, but we are convinced that we are inspired by them.

Team spirit

We go the "extra mile" for the success of the whole team. We keep ourselves fit and are always playable.


Our company's offer helps humanity to protect and improve the health of our planet.

Role model function

We are aware of our role model function for people and nature
and set a good example.


We take responsibility at all levels and drive


We are proactive and stand by
what we say and do. We
are a reliable partner.


Our open communication culture is our recipe for success. We live an "open-door" mentality - internally and externally.

We work to the highest quality standards

With the successful certification according to ISO 9001:2015, we strengthen our organisational structure and transparency towards employees, partners and the environment. Through the continuous improvement of our processes, all project participants benefit from uniform and efficient procedures.

Our mission


We create an environment for motivated and team-oriented employees who enjoy their tasks, who help shape Stebatec and who continuously develop themselves.


We create long-term value for our customers and partners through our leading products, systems and services, making a valuable contribution to water and environmental protection.


We generate robust earnings for investments in innovation, the consistent further development
of our company and to maintain
our independence.

Sustainability without compromise

Our products and services ensure sustainability and effective water protection. Sustainability is a fundamental basis of existence for all market participants. Therefore, the certification according to ISO 14001:2015 is an important confirmation of our attitude towards ecological management. Thinking in cycles and dealing with valuable resources is deeply rooted at STEBATEC.