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For more than 25 years

“Ideally suited for butterfly valves and control valves” Hanspeter Sommer, electrical engineer at Wasserverbund Region Bern AG about SCHEIDEGGER’s damper actuators:

The SCHEIDEGGER damper actuators can be mounted on all products known to us from the well-known damper suppliers instead of a handwheel and operated with the corresponding mechanical ratios. They are ideally suited for shut-off dampers as well as for control dampers.

The actuators are operated with 24VDC and low power consumption. With a battery of a few Ah, not only the measuring and control technology but also the dampers can be operated safely in the event of a power failure. If the energy of the battery is also used up, it is possible to operate the damper by hand with a crank.

The drives are mechanically simple and have an electrical interface that fits into any electrical concept via discrete analogue and digital signals.

The different actuator types all have uniform interfaces and minimise the effort in project planning and operation.

Intrinsically safe design

The drives have an intrinsically safe design and will not drive either the driven flap or themselves into a defective situation. When the casing is opened or the hand crank is inserted, the drive motor is switched off immediately despite pending run commands.

Designed with an external plug system, the flaps with their drives can be operated by laymen for disassembly, maintenance, etc.

Integrated current monitoring

The built-in current monitoring system quickly alerts us if a damper is running sluggishly due to deposits or other hydraulic problems and the pipe installation needs to be checked. After commissioning, the actuators run reliably, precisely and trouble-free without any maintenance.

Overview of designs

The following series of pictures shows the two drive types “1/4 direct drive” and “crank drive”, as well as an old Von Roll damper drive from the exhibition that has not been in operation since the pumping station renovation.

Products in use

Battery-supported damper operation in the event of a power failure - simply via UPS in the control cabinet!
Smallest electrical power, highest torque even with battery operation during mains failure. The Scheidegger damper drive with 24V DC power supply convinces with its ideal power transmission. A selection of adapter parts allows the actuator to be mounted on all commercially available damper makes. Available for all standard sizes from DN50 to DN1000.
Preventive maintenance, servicing, spare parts management and many other services to ensure the reliability of automation systems.
Whether it is the cleaning of systems or the replacement of mechanical wear parts, the monitoring of functions, the calibration of measuring instruments or software updates, whenever customers need support in the ideal operation and maintenance of a system from our company, we are available with our services.
Proud of our craft!
Day after day, STEBATEC fitters honour our craft by carrying out installations of the highest quality that are a joy to the eye of the professional.


«For us, the Scheidegger damper actuators is the best solution. For all our applications in the primary system with pipes up to DN 1000mm, we always have the same mechanical and electrical interfaces. The fact that even the largest dampers can be operated with a drive of only 24VDC allows us to operate our systems safely even in the event of a power failure without expensive UPS systems.»
Hanspeter Sommer, Elektroingenieur Wasserverbund Bern
Hanspeter Sommer
Wasserverbun d Region Bern,Project Manager and Electrical Engineer
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