Delivery and installation of a PNA for the hydraulic engineering laboratory at BOKU University in Vienna

Pneumatic discharge control with magnetic-inductive flow measurement

BOKU University in Vienna is one of the best life science universities in Europe. STEBATEC was able to make a contribution to future research for the modern hydraulic engineering laboratory of the BOKU Institute of Hydraulic Engineering, Hydraulics and River Research.

Dimensions to master

In order to achieve meaningful results, the project had to be planned on a large scale, as the measurements involved the Danube, a river through Vienna that is well known to everyone.
The size of the PNA was DN1000. This required a customised design and precise calculations with regard to the stability and functionality of the control flap.

Inspiring technology

The interaction between a correctly calibrated measuring point and the flow control, which can be parameterised down to the last detail using a pneumatic control flap, is responsible for the perfect measuring results. Even these dimensions can be precisely calibrated and tested in our in-house hydraulic laboratory.
The control flap is supplied with the necessary compressed air by two large compressors and moved into the position required by the measuring point by means of pressure pads. The system is parameterised via a touch panel located in the control box for the flow control. The intuitive user menu is easy to operate and all current parameters and measured values can be read via the visualisation. The system also has an interface via which the data can be transmitted to a control centre for further processing.

For future studies

The measuring point was installed and put into operation with our sales partner PP Engineering GmbH from Euratsfeld in Austria.
The Institute of Hydraulic Engineering, Hydraulics and Watercourse Research, which works according to the principles of water utilisation – water protection – protection from water, now has a technically modern and precise measuring point in the area of watercourses and can use it for future studies.

Products in use

Flow measurement and discharge control for wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater in partially and fully filled pipes.
Most reliable waste water throttle and discharge control with accurate flow measurement for partial filling and dry installation. The fast, almost self-cleaning and remotely controllable pneumatically driven pinch valve is based on the LDM flow measurement integrated in the system and limits waste water, raw waste water and rainwater quantities to a value that can be set as required.
The reliable discharge control for wastewater and rainwater
Precise and easy to maintain throttle system for stormwater tanks and wastewater structures. The fast, almost self-cleaning and remotely controllable butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator is based on the flow measurement integrated in the system and limits the flow to an arbitrarily adjustable quantity. As long as the maximum flow is not reached, the flap remains open, while the flow measurement system measures precisely even when partially filled.
Robust, transparent, accurate, fast, low maintenance and reliable for wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater.
Precise drain throttle for heavily polluted waste water. The IDM flow measurement for full filling is the central element of the almost self-cleaning, remotely operated and highly precise pneumatic discharge control PNA. The reliable and never-tiring flap with pneumatic drive and the pinch valve react quickly to changing flows and conditions.