Bellmund delivers dynamic water volumes to the Biel WWTP – adapted to its current hydraulic load

VKA Nidau; renovation of the control system for the Bellmund storm water basin

During the renovation of the stormwater overflow basin from VKA Nidau (Association for Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment) in Bellmund, the control system dating from 2008 was replaced by STEBAsmart. With the individual programming of STEBAsmart, the customer is provided with safe, efficient processes tailored to personal needs.

The integration of the stormater tank in INKA and the new rainwater weather station enable the system to dynamically change the forwarding quantities depending on the utilisation of the WWTP Biel (ARA Region Biel AG). With the STEBalarm alarm system, alarms are now processed in a differentiated and detailed manner and offer detailed evaluation options.

The new IDM-based pneumatic outflow control can react precisely and quickly to changing conditions. In addition, a new emergency throttle ensures that a selectable position of the throttle can be ensured even in the event of a power failure.

Products in use

Individual automation for safe and efficient processes.
We support you with risk analyses, electrical, control and energy concepts and individual PLC programming in operation and in the realization of automation projects.
Software for safe and efficient sewer network optimization
Intelligent management of the storage capacity in the sewer system makes a major contribution to water pollution control: it reduces overflows, makes optimum use of the storage volume in the sewer system and ensures the hydraulic capacity utilization of the wastewater treatment plant. Scientific studies show,
Robust, transparent, accurate, fast, low maintenance and reliable for wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater.
Precise drain throttle for heavily polluted waste water. The IDM flow measurement for full filling is the central element of the almost self-cleaning, remotely operated and highly precise pneumatic discharge control PNA. The reliable and never-tiring flap with pneumatic drive and the pinch valve react quickly to changing flows and conditions.
The alarm system for all cases: intelligent, flexible, user-friendly, modular
Our alarm system STEBalarm is extremely versatile. For a wide range of industries such as retail and wholesale, food production, transport, sales, municipalities and cities, federal and cantonal authorities, industrial and manufacturing companies, banks, research institutes, energy suppliers, and power plant operators.
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