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Mobile steam plant, Despraz SA

Despraz SA, a leading company in the field of piping and fittings for boiler plants, would like to expand its stock of mobile steam systems and has found the right partner in STEBATEC AG for the risk management and execution of the EMSR technology.

The mobile systems are used by end customers in medical and food technology to carry out maintenance on stationary systems, as an example. Since steam systems have to manage without large reserves during a maintenance phase, special attention must be paid to system availability. In many plants, a minimum pressure must be maintained in the steam network. If this pressure drops, this often has serious financial consequences due to production losses or destroyed batches.

Mobility as a challenge

In the first project phase, STEBATEC AG was allowed to carry out a risk analysis. The critical point in this analysis was the non-stationary installation within an ISO container (standardised large-capacity container made of steel, which enables simple, fast loading, transport, storage and unloading of goods). A solution had to be found here so that the system could be operated safely at the most diverse installation locations. This was achieved by means of a checklist, which must be completed before each commissioning and, depending on the result, further measures must be taken for safe operation.

High standard of equipment – Cleverly implemented

STEBATEC AG has also equipped the boiler plant with new field devices and a switchgear combination. A special system was used to equip the level probes, which only requires two connection flanges on the boiler body instead of the four normally required. This means that boilers that do not have the “traditional” equipment level can be equipped more cost-effectively. The manostat bar was also equipped in such a way that no retrofitting was necessary. Accordingly, only one appropriately certified sensor is used for pressure control and safety shutdown.

The new control unit combination was fitted inside the boiler plant and is equipped with an air-conditioning unit. In this way, the boiler plant runs reliably even at high temperatures in summer.

One of the main objectives was that the ISO container could be dismantled, transported and reassembled at the new destination with little effort. For this reason, the supply line was designed to be plug-in. The end customer also has the option of connecting a variety of possible equipment to the container, such as an external transfer pump in oil operation.

The unit can be operated with oil or gas. It is possible to return condensate to the container or to operate the system exclusively with osmosis water. The end customer can also integrate alarms into his existing system by means of hardware contacts or use STEBATEC’s SMS alarm system, namely STEBalarm.

The final safety and function training, as well as the intuitive bilingual operating system, round off STEBATEC’s offer and give the customer a safe and good feeling!

Products in use

Planning, implementation, operational support and security tests
Automation of steam boiler and hot water boiler. Whether in milk processing, food production, the paper industry or even laundry and butchery operations, the generation of steam and hot water is an important component. All the more attention is paid to the safety of automation systems in this area, so that daily operations run smoothly and safely.
The alarm system for all cases: intelligent, flexible, user-friendly, modular
Our alarm system STEBalarm is extremely versatile. For a wide range of industries such as retail and wholesale, food production, transport, sales, municipalities and cities, federal and cantonal authorities, industrial and manufacturing companies, banks, research institutes, energy suppliers, and power plant operators.