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In the Aqua & Gas edition 3/2021
The Aqua & Gas magazine of March 2021 focuses on the merger of SCHEIDEGGER and STEBATEC. The report focuses on SCHEIDEGGER’s many years of activity for municipal water supplies, using the examples of Saanen/Gstaad and WAGROM in the Seeland.
Together into the future
We are very pleased to announce that SCHEIDEGGER Fernsteuerungen AG has found a successor in STEBATEC. STEBATEC has taken over 100% of the shares from the Scheidegger family, so that together we can consolidate the position of the leading automation company for drinking water suppliers in the Bern/Solothurn region, founded in 1970.

A leading player in the European water and wastewater market

Together with two business partners, Hanspeter Gafner founded STEBATEC in 1990. Anchored in electrical planning, it was his vision to develop into a supplier of complete solutions for measurement and control technology and automation, and to do so in high quality. On the way to this goal, STEBATEC has become one of the leading driving forces in the European water and wastewater market.

Successfully completed

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Successful cooperation for almost fifty years
The cooperation with SCHEIDEGGER in Saanen goes back to 1973, when the company’s founder, Paul Scheidegger, equipped individual parts of the plant with his technology and installed the first cable network and an electromechanical control system. This control system remained in operation for forty years until 2013, when it was converted to a stored-program control system.
Grosses Moos Water Association in Ins in the Bernese Seeland
SCHEIDEGGER has been managing the Grosses Moos water network (Wagrom) in the Bernese Seeland for a long time. Wagrom comprises an approximately 100-kilometre-long water network of 17 municipalities, as well as other contractual partners.
Rehabilitation of WWTP and special structures during operation
Together with Ryser Ingenieure AG from Berne, the STABATEC team was able to complete the renovation of the wastewater treatment plant, as well as the replacement of the control and measurement technology in the external structures, and the integration of a process control system within one year during operation.
Wastewater association Stockacher Aach, mixed wastewater treatment Hohenfels
STEBATEC as general equipment supplier; The Kalkofen wastewater treatment plant was converted into a mixed wastewater treatment plant. The volume of the clarifiers converted to mixed wastewater treatment was too small to achieve the necessary separation efficiency. Instead of building additional volume, the cleaning performance is achieved with lamella separators used.
Steam network monitoring by means of pressure sensor
Due to vibrations, the pressure switch for monitoring the steam network was repeatedly triggered. This led to the shutdown and standstill of the system. A pressure sensor with an evaluation device was installed instead of the pressure switch.
For more than 25 years
The SCHEIDEGGER damper actuators can be mounted on all products of the well-known damper suppliers known to us instead of a handwheel and operated with corresponding mechanical ratios. They are ideally suited for shut-off dampers as well as for control dampers.
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