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Alliances in Germany and Luxembourg
PANNACH Messtechnik and STEBATEC are two companies in Germany that together offer strong and sustainable solutions for wastewater and sewer networks. PANNACH Messtechnik will be the exclusive representative for all activities of our subsidiary STEBATEC GmbH in Stuttgart.
In the gwf Water & Sewage issue 11/2021
Stebatec offers the algorithm-based INKA system and regularly publishes measurement data that provide information about the functionality of the system. In order to establish a certain degree of comparability with other systems, the company has now developed some evaluation options that enable both unregulated with dynamic, but also the comparison of different dynamic systems.
17-18 November 2021 STAND D18 / Exhibition Zurich
Visit us at the STEBATEC / SCHEIDEGGER joint stand D18 at the new Swiss trade fair for water, waste water and gas. AQUA Suisse offers you a comprehensive overview of the latest technologies and solutions as well as a meeting place where future topics are discussed by specialists and practitioners in the Swiss water and gas industry.

A leading player in the European water and wastewater market

Together with two business partners, Hanspeter Gafner founded STEBATEC in 1990. Anchored in electrical planning, it was his vision to develop into a supplier of complete solutions for measurement and control technology and automation, and to do so in high quality. On the way to this goal, STEBATEC has become one of the leading driving forces in the European water and wastewater market.

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Newest references

Mobile steam plant, Despraz SA
Despraz SA, a leading company in the field of piping and fittings for boiler plants, would like to expand its stock of mobile steam systems and has found the right partner in STEBATEC AG for the risk management and execution of the EMSR technology.
ARA Langnau: replacement of pumping station Marbach control system incl. connection to the ARAbella process control system
ALLinONE control system was installed in just one day. The flexible configuration options make it possible to connect the outstation, including alarms, to the new PLS at WWTP Langnau without the need for complex programming.
Steam plant, Migros subsidiary ELSA Estavayer Lait SA
Estavayer Lait SA, or ELSA for short, operates one of the largest dairies in Switzerland in Estavayer-le-Lac. It processes 269 million kilograms of milk a year and employs around 600 people. It has been part of the Migros community since 2003 and is therefore essential for the food supply in Switzerland.
2x Partially Filled Flow Measurement Stationary TF Nominal Size 1000
The Kloten/Opfikon wastewater treatment plant treats wastewater from Zurich Airport and the towns of Kloten and Opfikon. For more than ten years, the Kloten wastewater treatment plant has relied on STEBATEC measurement technology to ensure that wastewater treatment costs are billed according to the source. With the new construction of the wastewater treatment plant, the latest technology has now also been installed: two stationary partially filled flow meters TF with a nominal diameter of 1000.
Successful cooperation for almost fifty years
The cooperation with SCHEIDEGGER in Saanen goes back to 1973, when the company’s founder, Paul Scheidegger, equipped individual parts of the plant with his technology and installed the first cable network and an electromechanical control system. This control system remained in operation for forty years until 2013, when it was converted to a stored-program control system.
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Fördere Deine Begeisterung für Technik bei uns! Möchtest Du Deine Lehre am Puls der Technik absolvieren? Die STEBATEC AG erstellt innovative Steuerungen, Regelungen, Elektroplanungen und Installationen für Wasserversorgungen, Kläranlagen und Gewässerregulierung.

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