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Fields of application
Fields of application
Low-power flow regulator with partly filled flow measurement
The first 100% self-sufficient discharge controller with precise flow measurement and continuous monitoring on the process control system
Ultrasonic transit time difference flow measurement for wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater
Highly precise flow value acquisition. The LDM is a calibrated measuring device for backflow-free flow measurement of waste water in open channels or free flowing lines. 10 flow velocity measuring sections distributed over the entire cross section provide most accurate flow values when the sensor is partially or fully filled. The level measurement is integrated in the device housing.
Ultrasonic transit time difference measurement with dry weather gutter
The TF Stationary Flow Measurement is a calibrated measuring channel for backflow-free flow measurement of wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater in open channels or open channels.
Special solutions for measuring wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater under the most difficult conditions.
When the impossible becomes possible. High flow velocities, steep gradients, tight spaces, large measuring range. The more difficult the measuring task, the more suitable is the stationary flow measurement, which can often be retrofitted in existing structures and shafts.
Flow measurement and discharge control for wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater in partially and fully filled pipes.
Most reliable waste water throttle and discharge control with accurate flow measurement for partial filling and dry installation. The fast, almost self-cleaning and remotely controllable pneumatically driven pinch valve is based on the LDM flow measurement integrated in the system and limits waste water, raw waste water and rainwater quantities to a value that can be set as required.
The reliable discharge control for wastewater and rainwater
Precise and easy to maintain throttle system for stormwater tanks and wastewater structures. The fast, almost self-cleaning and remotely controllable butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator is based on the flow measurement integrated in the system and limits the flow to an arbitrarily adjustable quantity. As long as the maximum flow is not reached, the flap remains open, while the flow measurement system measures precisely even when partially filled.
Robust, transparent, accurate, fast, low maintenance and reliable for wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater.
Precise drain throttle for heavily polluted waste water. The IDM flow measurement for full filling is the central element of the almost self-cleaning, remotely operated and highly precise pneumatic discharge control PNA. The reliable and never-tiring flap with pneumatic drive and the pinch valve react quickly to changing flows and conditions.
Temporary use of the proven MID for full filling to collect high-precision measurement data.
Waste water and external water flow measurement Measurements are performed with a high-precision, portable MID flowmeter mechanically protected by a plastic layer, which is normally installed in existing shafts and ducts without structural modifications. A bypass cushion completely seals the channel cross section and guides the entire water quantity completely through the measuring system.
Temporary measurements to collect reliable measurement data.
Measurement campaigns in the sewage system. For the temporary collection of measurement data, we offer more than 30 measuring devices of different nominal sizes and measurement methods for rent. The measuring devices are each equipped with data transmission technology so that the measurement data can be conveniently viewed and streamed online on the ARAbella cloud management system.
Proven certainty and security for projects and customers.
In preparation for projects with hydraulic complexity, we offer not only the experimental model approach in the hydraulics laboratory but also investigations and verifications by means of flow simulations. Our experts are at your disposal for further information.
Planning, implementation, operational support and security tests
Automation of steam boiler and hot water boiler. Whether in milk processing, food production, the paper industry or even laundry and butchery operations, the generation of steam and hot water is an important component. All the more attention is paid to the safety of automation systems in this area, so that daily operations run smoothly and safely.
Software for safe and efficient sewer network optimization
Intelligent management of the storage capacity in the sewer system makes a major contribution to water pollution control: it reduces overflows, makes optimum use of the storage volume in the sewer system and ensures the hydraulic capacity utilization of the wastewater treatment plant. Scientific studies show,
Rainwater treatment at the wastewater treatment plant without overloading the combined sewer system
The INKA-controlled road drainage system allows contaminated rainwater to be safely routed to the wastewater treatment plant, while uncontaminated rainwater is routed directly to the separate system/watercourse. The first rainwater that washes off the First-Flush is collected in a storage pipe under the road and retained until the combined sewer system has the hydraulic capacity to safely discharge the volumes to the wastewater treatment plant.
Battery-supported damper operation in the event of a power failure - simply via UPS in the control cabinet!
Smallest electrical power, highest torque even with battery operation during mains failure. The Scheidegger damper drive with 24V DC power supply convinces with its ideal power transmission. A selection of adapter parts allows the actuator to be mounted on all commercially available damper makes. Available for all standard sizes from DN50 to DN1000.
Powergrid-independent solids retention at discharge structures
The autarkic screen is driven by the integrated water wheel and can be fully connected to process control systems via mobile radio and monitored in real time. Thanks to the intelligent use of naturally available hydro energy, the entire process does not require a mains power supply.
The alarm system for all cases: intelligent, flexible, user-friendly, modular
Our alarm system STEBalarm is extremely versatile. For a wide range of industries such as retail and wholesale, food production, transport, sales, municipalities and cities, federal and cantonal authorities, industrial and manufacturing companies, banks, research institutes, energy suppliers, and power plant operators.
Cloud process control system for sewage treatment plants with high demands on safety, function and comfort
The browser-based process control system ARAbella online can be used worldwide as a web service for a license fee. You save the costs for your own server infrastructure and always work with the latest system version. Water levels are displayed animatedly in the software and operating states of the plants are automatically evaluated according to the situation and incorporated into statistics.
The process control system for sewage treatment plants and sewer network operators with the highest demands on safety, function and comfort.
Process control system for sewage treatment plant and sewer system Waste water plants become controllable with the process control system ARAbella in the simplest way. Via the intuitive user interface, the processes of wastewater treatment plants and outdoor structures can be operated quickly, easily and reliably. The operating status of the plants is clearly displayed at any time.
Cloud process control system for drinking water suppliers with high demands on security, function and comfort
The browser-based process control system AQUAbella online can be used worldwide as a web service for a license fee. You save the costs for your own server infrastructure and always work with the latest system version. Water levels are animatedly displayed in the software and operating states of the plants are automatically evaluated and included in statistics.
The process control system for drinking water suppliers with highest demands on safety, function and comfort.
The process control system optimized for drinking water suppliers enables the operation, management, monitoring and fully automatic control of drinking water supplies.
Cloud process control system for energy suppliers with high demands on security, function and comfort
Industries such as heat supply, steam and hot water generators, as well as operators of hydropower plants rely on the REbella process control system, which is characterized by its scalable, modular and process-oriented design.
The process control system for energy suppliers with the highest demands on safety, function and comfort.
Industries such as heat supply, steam and hot water generators, as well as operators of hydropower plants rely on the REbella process control system, which is characterized by its scalable, modular and process-oriented design.
More functions. More comfort. More security.
Standard control with high individuality. Compact, simple and complete, ALLinONE controls and monitors ALLinONE pump stations and stormwater tanks. The control system is easily configured and requires no programming.
Individual automation for safe and efficient processes.
We support you with risk analyses, electrical, control and energy concepts and individual PLC programming in operation and in the realization of automation projects.
Plant monitoring via camera image directly in the process control system.
Plant monitoring without travel. You can define the intervals at which images are to be saved in addition to the live monitoring. In the process control system there are different tools available for image evaluation, so they can be displayed parallel to the hydrographs or also played as a film in different speeds.
Secure and volume-reduced data transmission on the Internet and in networks.
Networking and remote control of automation systems STEBAnet mobile, fixed and leased lines are data communication systems for decentralized control systems. Measurement data and control information are recorded on site for backup purposes and cyclically sent in packets or compressed form to the database of the central process control system. STEBAnet communicates in a way that preserves data volume and establishes connections only when needed, for example when a user at the process control system is viewing live data.
Secure separation from the Internet. High level of comfort.
We offer tailor-made, cost-optimized and future-proof solutions for an optimal demarcation of automation systems from the Internet, while maintaining access to the systems in terms of comfort and flexibility.
Development of automated processes for efficiency and safety
We are specialized in project planning, construction and service of critical infrastructures according to highest availability and security standards. Using complex control technology, algorithms and database-based intelligence, we also develop the optimal automation system for your process.
Electrical engineering with practical experience
We are passionately committed to finding the optimal solution. In doing so, the trustful and close cooperation with the operator and planner is particularly important to us. Our company history began back in the 1960s; the large number of projects realised since then has provided us with extensive expert knowledge in industrial automation and electrical planning.
Solar solutions and energy concepts for companies
Sustainable energy generation from one source Find out from STEBATEC why our industrial photovoltaic systems are the ideal solution for sustainable energy in your business or plant. As experts in the fields of control technology, electrical planning, automation and industrial installations, we offer you a comprehensive 360° complete solution. From consulting, planning and commissioning to service – we provide you with your solution from a single source.
Holistic solutions for highest quality and simple project structures.
With a company history that began in the 1960s, we are one of the leading companies in the project planning and realisation of reliable, precise and holistic solutions in the automation industry. Our project team consists of automation, electrical and software engineers, design and mechanical engineers, project managers, as well as installers and service technicians.
Cleans three times the surface area thanks to innovative rotary drive
STEBAjet as swivelling flushing jet, vortex jet, air jet and jet cleaner At the beginning of the emptying of rainwater tanks, the STEBAjet is started in order to keep solids and pollutants in suspension and to prevent them from remaining at the bottom of the tank. The suspended solids are flushed out of the basin as it empties and are thus transported to the sewage treatment plant.
Detect and localise drinking water contamination at an early stage with online measurements and combination measurements
Data recording, evaluation and alarming as an early warning system and for quality monitoring. In water supply operations, our ALLinONE system for monitoring drinking water quality offers the advantages of recording concentrations between sampling or laboratory analyses, limit value monitoring of individual parameters and the evaluation of combined measured variables / correlations, as well as targeted alarming with detailed alarm messages.
Proud of our craft!
Day after day, STEBATEC fitters honour our craft by carrying out installations of the highest quality that are a joy to the eye of the professional.
Preventive maintenance, servicing, spare parts management and many other services to ensure the reliability of automation systems.
Whether it is the cleaning of systems or the replacement of mechanical wear parts, the monitoring of functions, the calibration of measuring instruments or software updates, whenever customers need support in the ideal operation and maintenance of a system from our company, we are available with our services.
Resistant electrical engineering in wet, corrosive, explosive and aggressive environments
As a licensed electrical installation company, we offer the highest installation quality with special products and equipment for durable and trouble-free installations.
Targeted extraction of gases for less corrosion and more occupational safety.
Complete exhaust air systems for explosive zones. The offer includes planning, manufacture, installation and commissioning, as well as intelligent and application-oriented control systems.
Non-intrusive ultrasonic flow measurement for closed and fully filled pipelines.
Flow measurement on the outer wall of the pipe. With a flowmeter with clamp-on transducers it is possible to measure the flow in pipes simply from the outside. The transducers are installed on the pipeline with little technical effort and without process interruption. Rotationally symmetric flow profiles can be measured with only one acoustic section; non-symmetric ones require the use of several sections.
Solutions from site evaluation and maintenance concept to project planning and installation.
Precise determination of the flow rate The range of application of water flow measurement extends from small watercourses to large rivers with water containing large amounts of suspended matter. For this purpose, ultrasonic impulse packages are sent through the water. Based on their characteristic features, the transit time of the signals is determined on the receiving side.
Simple flow measurement without loss of cross section.
Waste water flow measurement. Using the portable pulse Doppler sensor with battery supply, the sewer mouse scans the velocity profile in several cells and calculates the flow together with the measured water level.
Non-intrusive measurement of flow rate and temperature
Autarkic clamp-on flow measurement Low installation costs When setting up new flow measuring points in a drinking water supply network, it is often not the measuring instrument that is the main cost factor, but rather the installation effort (supply interruption, pipe work, power supply, flushing of the pipe, etc.). The installation of the autarkic Clamp-on flow meter does not require any intervention in the pipeline and can also simply be installed underground if a shaft construction is not economical.
Safe access to shafts and underground structures.
Wherever a shaft is accessible, watertight or gastight, the right solution is available, with custom-made floor gates made of stainless steel.
Flush cleaning of storage tanks and sewers with dirty or clean water.
The reliable, mostly installed solution for cleaning stormwater tanks.
So that floating materials from the sewer system do not get into the waters.
Vertical and radial floating baffles retain floating material at overflows and passages. They are suitable for strongly fluctuating water levels or large overflow heights.
Solid matter retention on overflow structures.
The high performance screen is a horizontal bar screen with automatic cleaning device. It is regularly used as an effective measure for active water protection at overflows/reliefs of combined sewer systems and in the inlet of soil filters.
Verify measurement data through a check
We offer a wide range of services for the carefree operation of your drinking water network. If you suspect that something in the network system is no longer working properly, or simply want a general check of the installations, Scheidegger has just the right offer for you.