Conversion of the Kalkofen DE wastewater treatment plant into a mixed wastewater treatment plant with lamella separator

Wastewater association Stockacher Aach, mixed wastewater treatment Hohenfels

The Kalkofen wastewater treatment plant, which is operated by the Abwasserzweckverband Stockacher Aach, was converted into a mixed wastewater treatment plant. The volume of the clarifiers converted to mixed wastewater treatment was too small to achieve the necessary degree of separation. Instead of building additional volume, the cleaning performance is achieved with lamella separators used.

STEBATEC as general supplier

From the electrical planning in 2019 to the functional handover of the plant to the customer in the following year, STEBATEC supplied, installed and fully commissioned the lamellae, the measurement and control technology, the sieve screen and the pneumatic discharge controller with pinch valve. The following services were provided:

  • Planning, delivery and installation of lamella separator
  • Sieve screen
  • Automation and electrical planning and realisation
  • Pneumatic discharge control and measuring equipment
  • Electrical installations and general assembly work
  • Complete mechanical equipment incl. piping and steel construction

Products in use

Robust, transparent, accurate, fast, low maintenance and reliable for wastewater, raw wastewater and rainwater.
Precise drain throttle for heavily polluted waste water. The IDM flow measurement for full filling is the central element of the almost self-cleaning, remotely operated and highly precise pneumatic discharge control PNA. The reliable and never-tiring flap with pneumatic drive and the pinch valve react quickly to changing flows and conditions.
Individual automation for safe and efficient processes.
We support you with risk analyses, electrical, control and energy concepts and individual PLC programming in operation and in the realization of automation projects.
Secure and volume-reduced data transmission on the Internet and in networks.
Networking and remote control of automation systems STEBAnet mobile, fixed and leased lines are data communication systems for decentralized control systems. Measurement data and control information are recorded on site for backup purposes and cyclically sent in packets or compressed form to the database of the central process control system. STEBAnet communicates in a way that preserves data volume and establishes connections only when needed, for example when a user at the process control system is viewing live data.
Holistic solutions for highest quality and simple project structures.
With a company history that began in the 1960s, we are one of the leading companies in the project planning and realisation of reliable, precise and holistic solutions in the automation industry. Our project team consists of automation, electrical and software engineers, design and mechanical engineers, project managers, as well as installers and service technicians.
Proud of our craft!
Day after day, STEBATEC fitters honour our craft by carrying out installations of the highest quality that are a joy to the eye of the professional.
Solid matter retention on overflow structures.
The high performance screen is a horizontal bar screen with automatic cleaning device. It is regularly used as an effective measure for active water protection at overflows/reliefs of combined sewer systems and in the inlet of soil filters.
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