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Beatrice Aeschimann


Brahim Rahali

Programmer SPS / PLS

Hansruedi Egli

Electrical planner / Project manager

Bernhard Moser

Precision mechanic / service technician

André Vigna

Service technicien / Programmer SPS

Michael von Känel

Electrical engineer/ Project manager

Fabian Schwendimann

Programmer SPS

Michael Pauli

Deputy Manager Automation / Programmer SPS / Project Manager

Heinrich Hesse

Deputy managing director / Production manager / Partner

Severin Scheidegger


Kilian Hesse

Managing director / Proprietor

Benjamin Mischler

Development manager / Member of the management / Partner

Dominic Bühler

Automation manager / Member of the management / Partner

Cornelia Suter

Marketing / Social Media

Thomas Tiefenbach

Electrical engineer / Project manager

Jonathan Brechbühl

Support and product manager / Member of the management / Partner

Michael Jost

Electrical planner/-draftsman

Lukas Meuter

Electrical engineer / Project manager

Alexander Mäder

Electrical planner / -drawer

Dr. Gabriele Heyde

C/C++ developer

Ernst Lüdi

Programmer SPS / Partner

Andrew Gärtner

Automation Technician / Assembly

Tanja Biland

HR and administration manager / Member of the management

Ronny Habegger

Head of Engineering and Projects Burgdorf site

Dr. Marije de Jong

Engineering / Project manager

Stefan Sulzer

Managing Director STEBATEC GmbH Germany

Ergin Krasniqi

Engineering / Project manager

Daniel Borne

Programmer SPS / Project manager

Nino Wiedmer

Design engineer / Project manager

Martina Burkhalter

Apprentice businesswoman

Matthias Bregy

Engineering / Project manager

Stefan Röthlisberger

Programmer SPS / Project manager

Sascha Görge

Sales / Support Germany North

Markus Demarmels

Programmer SPS / PLS Technical employee

Michael Weyermann

Programmer SPS / Project manager

Michael Hesse

Assembly + workshop manager / Member of the management / Partner

Hanspeter Gafner

Electrical planner / Company founder

Jonas Marte

Apprentice electrician EFZ

Christoph Gilgen

Engineering / Software development
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