Automation of boiler operation with the highest safety standards

Major project at FBB Kalksandstein AG in Münchenbuchsee

In the course of the renewal of the sand-lime brick production, STEBATEC AG modernised the steam plant of FBB Kalksandstein AG. In addition to the burner and the pumps, all measurement and control technology was brought up to the latest state of the art. In the control cabinets, the new control technology, which can be easily configured via the 15″ touch panel, ensures automated and personalised boiler operation. This saves time and energy and ensures functional safety.

Integral order processing with full operation as the key to success

The conversion of a boiler plant without interrupting operations is a challenging task. Thanks to the many years of experience of our specialists, from risk analysis to the planning and realisation of complex projects during ongoing operation, to acceptance and plant support, the project was carried out without interfering with production.

Safety level according to SIL & Smart control

The operational safety of the steam boiler with a capacity of 10 tonnes/h at an operating pressure of 15 bar has the highest priority. In addition, the networked and efficient production line must be easily configurable by the operator himself at any time and coordinated with further production steps. For this reason, STEBATEC AG has renewed the boiler control and safety according to IEC 61508 and the latest requirements and legal regulations. Furthermore, a maintenance plan was drawn up and the plant documentation created.

Individual configuration of the fully automated production

Today, production plants are linked to many third-party systems such as the customer’s control system and must execute processes autonomously. Via the new high-resolution 15″ touch panel, the plant can be individually configured to the needs of FBB Kalkstein AG at any time. The control of the steam boiler is seamlessly linked to the control system. It monitors the plant and provides important data on production in order to optimise processes and reduce emissions. This saves resources such as personnel and energy.

Added value of the renewal of the steam boiler plant for FBB Kalkstein AG

  • The plant could be renewed without interrupting production
  • The required quality of workmanship is guaranteed by competent and comprehensive “one contact person” support.
  • The system only has to be tested every 6 months (BOME 4380) instead of every 72 hours.
  • The system meets the strict requirements of the SVTI boiler inspectorate and SIL level 2.
  • Due to the high degree of automation and the intuitive operation via the control system and the touch panel, the system can be individually configured.
  • Efficient technology conserves resources and reduces emissions
  • Even after modernisation, operational reliability remains guaranteed with the customer-oriented STEBATEC service around the clock.


The traditional family business based in Hinwil was founded in 1927. It operates gravel pits and produces concrete, road surfaces and sand-lime bricks in its plants. FBB is one of the pioneers in climate protection and the far-sighted use of raw materials in the construction industry. Today, the FBB Group employs around 230 people at locations in the canton of Zurich, in Aargau, in central Switzerland, in the Bern area and in the canton of Glarus.

Industry: Construction

Client since: 2022

Employees: 230

Location: Münchenbuchsee

Products in use

Planning, implementation, operational support and security tests
Automation of steam boiler and hot water boiler. Whether in milk processing, food production, the paper industry or even laundry and butchery operations, the generation of steam and hot water is an important component. All the more attention is paid to the safety of automation systems in this area, so that daily operations run smoothly and safely.
The alarm system for all cases: intelligent, flexible, user-friendly, modular
Our alarm system STEBalarm is extremely versatile. For a wide range of industries such as retail and wholesale, food production, transport, sales, municipalities and cities, federal and cantonal authorities, industrial and manufacturing companies, banks, research institutes, energy suppliers, and power plant operators.
Development of automated processes for efficiency and safety
We are specialized in project planning, construction and service of critical infrastructures according to highest availability and security standards. Using complex control technology, algorithms and database-based intelligence, we also develop the optimal automation system for your process.
Proud of our craft!
Day after day, STEBATEC fitters honour our craft by carrying out installations of the highest quality that are a joy to the eye of the professional.
Preventive maintenance, servicing, spare parts management and many other services to ensure the reliability of automation systems.
Whether it is the cleaning of systems or the replacement of mechanical wear parts, the monitoring of functions, the calibration of measuring instruments or software updates, whenever customers need support in the ideal operation and maintenance of a system from our company, we are available with our services.
Resistant electrical engineering in wet, corrosive, explosive and aggressive environments
As a licensed electrical installation company, we offer the highest installation quality with special products and equipment for durable and trouble-free installations.


««The specialists at STEBATEC AG supported us at every point in the project and always fulfilled our wishes with top performance and solutions tailored to us. We are very satisfied with the project execution and look forward to further cooperation with the STEBATEC team.»»
Christian Zurbrügg
Foreman at FBB Kalksandstein AG