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SBR optimisation by recipe
The current Aqua&Gas issue 3/2023 focuses on the WWTP Brienz, which was newly built and equipped with the ARAbella control system from STEBATEC. Read the report to find out why the wastewater treatment manager Michael Baumann particularly appreciates the menu-guided and reliable flexibility for optimising his processes.
High-precision measurement technology for the Dutch market
Together with our new partner TEC42.COM, we are now opening up the Dutch wastewater market with high-precision measurement technology. We are looking forward to a successful partnership in which we jointly implement the mission of the interface between man, digitalization and nature also in Holland.
Where human, digitalization and nature flow together
With the new slogan “driven by water” we reinforce our specialization. The element water is our valuable basis of life and our drive. The message “driven by water” combines water with innovative strength and reflects our holistic approach to the interfaces between people, digitalization and nature.
Information to all customers and business partners
SCHEIDEGGER Fernsteuerungen AG has now been part of STEBATEC for two years and we are pleased to have experienced an extremely positive business development. Our team in Burgdorf has been able to develop further, while customers have remained loyal and even new ones have been acquired.
Take advantage of smart measurement systems
ARA Falkenstein has been operating flow measurements in the sewer network for a long time. For various reasons, they were looking for a new flow meter that does not generate backwater, is guaranteed to cover a large measuring range, and is user-friendly.
Reduce discharges and better utilise the capacity of the sewage treatment plant
After a planning phase lasting several years, which resulted in an approved water rights notice, the next step is to equip the neuralgic points in the 370 km long sewer network of the wastewater association in Upper Austria with the measuring and control technology shown in the picture.