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Reduce discharges and better utilise the capacity of the sewage treatment plant
After a planning phase lasting several years, which resulted in an approved water rights notice, the next step is to equip the neuralgic points in the 370 km long sewer network of the wastewater association in Upper Austria with the measuring and control technology shown in the picture.
Behind the scenes
The proven measuring system, consisting of an electromagnetic flow meter, a 90° outlet to en-sure complete filling and an in-flatable cushion to seal the pipe, is always used when precise flow measurement data is required.
A look over the shoulder of the people behind STEBATEC...
Pure curiosity about what exactly happens behind the switch when you turn on the light led to a fascination with electrical engineering.
LDM and TF wastewater flow measurements.
If you ask Google how to “build trust”, you will get the following list in the first place as an answer: 1. Communicate. Nothing builds and maintains trust like talking to each other regularly and openly.
We make professionals
Jonas, we congratulate you on your graduation as an Electrical Installer EFZ . Your success makes us proud. We are pleased to officially have another professional in our company.
A first insight
If the way to work feels like a holiday and somehow looks like hiking, then we are in the Swiss mountains. At the moment we are renewing the controlling systems and adapting the existing process control system of the Wengen waterworks.