Automatisierte Trinkwasserversorgung des WAGROM

Grosses Moos Water Association in Ins in the Bernese Seeland

Water shortage – also in Switzerland

The example of the large water supply in the Bernese Seeland shows how the 50-year-old company SCHEIDEGGER Trinkwasser, which belongs to STEBATEC, shapes the Swiss water supply landscape. SCHEIDEGGER has been looking after the Grosses Moos (Wagrom) water association in the Bernese Seeland for a long time. It was founded in the 1980s, when the individual municipal water supplies reached their limits in terms of the quantity and quality of drinking water due to population growth and increasing nitrate inputs from agriculture, and therefore formed the first smaller associations.

The current managing director of Wagrom, Daniel Bongni, remembers from his youth the village guard who rode through the village on a moped while ringing a bell. Everyone understood the message, it was:

«There will be no water this afternoon.»

Automated drinking water supply through new, clear control system

SCHEIDEGGER lieferte dem neuen Wasserverbund die lokalen, elektromechanischen Steuerungen für die verschiedenen Aussenobjekte, das zugehörige Leitsystem stammte aber von Landis + Gyr sowie später von Siemens. Als Siemens ankündigte, dass in absehbarer Zeit keine Ersatzteile mehr zur Verfügung stehen würden, suchte der Verbund nach Alternativen. In einem Offertverfahren erhielt SCHEIDEGGER den Auftrag, ein neues Leitsystem zu implementieren. Die ursprünglichen Probleme – Menge, Qualität und Druck des Trinkwassers – hatte man zwar schon im Griff, das neue System sollte aber bedienerfreundlicher sein und die Übersichtlichkeit erhöhen. Immerhin umfasst Wagrom mit seinem rund 100 Kilometer langen Wasserverbundnetz 17 Gemeinden sowie weitere Vertragspartner, weist eine Vielzahl von Reservoirs und Pumpstationen und überdies Schnittstellen zu benachbarten Versorgern auf.

Management via setpoint curves

The SCHEIDEGGER control system controls all processes in the widely ramified supply area and continuously records all relevant data.

Figure: With setpoint curves, limit values for the management of the water network are event-controlled and dynamically changed based on time sequences. In order to ensure that all parts of the system are used regularly or to avoid standing water for hygiene reasons, the water withdrawals are thus dynamised. The system uses several setpoint curves that are automatically applied, for example, in the event of fire, technical faults or other criteria.

The setpoint curve controller serves as the central intelligence for managing the water quantities. The curves are visually easy to read and facilitate the overview, while quite complex control targets can be set and tracked. The system allows several setpoint curves to be created, each of which is automatically applied at different times or conditions (e.g. fire event or system failure) if the criteria are met. Especially with regard to the hygienic requirements that water in basins and pipes must not stand for long periods of time, the unique setpoint curve controller offers considerable advantages, because with the appropriate settings, all system parts are used in a chronological sequence.

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Products in use

Battery-supported damper operation in the event of a power failure - simply via UPS in the control cabinet!
Smallest electrical power, highest torque even with battery operation during mains failure. The Scheidegger damper drive with 24V DC power supply convinces with its ideal power transmission. A selection of adapter parts allows the actuator to be mounted on all commercially available damper makes. Available for all standard sizes from DN50 to DN1000.
Detect and localise drinking water contamination at an early stage with online measurements and combination measurements
Data recording, evaluation and alarming as an early warning system and for quality monitoring. In water supply operations, our ALLinONE system for monitoring drinking water quality offers the advantages of recording concentrations between sampling or laboratory analyses, limit value monitoring of individual parameters and the evaluation of combined measured variables / correlations, as well as targeted alarming with detailed alarm messages.
The process control system for drinking water suppliers with highest demands on safety, function and comfort.
The process control system optimized for drinking water suppliers enables the operation, management, monitoring and fully automatic control of drinking water supplies.
Individual automation for safe and efficient processes.
We support you with risk analyses, electrical, control and energy concepts and individual PLC programming in operation and in the realization of automation projects.
Secure separation from the Internet. High level of comfort.
We offer tailor-made, cost-optimized and future-proof solutions for an optimal demarcation of automation systems from the Internet, while maintaining access to the systems in terms of comfort and flexibility.
Development of automated processes for efficiency and safety
We are specialized in project planning, construction and service of critical infrastructures according to highest availability and security standards. Using complex control technology, algorithms and database-based intelligence, we also develop the optimal automation system for your process.
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