Photovoltaic systems for industry and commerce

Solar solutions and energy concepts for companies

Sustainable energy generation from one source

Find out from STEBATEC why our industrial photovoltaic systems are the ideal solution for sustainable energy in your business or plant. As experts in the fields of control technology, electrical planning, automation and industrial installations, we offer you a comprehensive 360° complete solution. From consulting, planning and commissioning to service – we provide you with your solution from a single source.


Our agile project realisation – short and direct paths to energy generation and optimisation

1. Advice from our solar professionals

After the initial contact, we inspect the property together on site. In a personal dialogue, we assess the circumstances and your needs. We will advise you on the technical options for achieving optimum energy generation, optimisation, self-sufficiency and efficiency.

2. Development of energy concept

We develop customised energy concepts, taking into account the local conditions and actual requirements. We work on the basis of an overall view in order to achieve peak shaving, to be able to use emergency power functions or to optimise self-consumption.

3. Offer

Our team of experts will develop a realisation offer tailored to your requirements on the basis of the energy concept drawn up. This is based on the many years of experience of the specialists with practical expertise. For a customised energy concept with a photovoltaic system that guarantees maximum efficiency and sustainability.

4. Project realisation in the project team

After you place your order, the project team from various STEBATEC departments works out the implementation project. It is important for us to maintain a constant dialogue with you to ensure that the defined specifications are achieved in detail. We guarantee a high degree of flexibility so that requests and suggestions can be taken into account directly in the ongoing project at any time.

5. Commissioning and further support

Even after the system has been handed over and a subsidy application has been submitted, we are committed to optimising your energy concept. Electricity production with a photovoltaic system is subject to various influences. After a certain period of operation, we receive important data in order to make further well-founded recommendations regarding both your electricity production and your own consumption.

6. Maintenance and support

Customer proximity is important to us, and we remain in constant contact even after commissioning. Our service centre is always on hand to provide you with advice and assistance – if necessary around the clock, 365 days a year. We provide ongoing advice on how to integrate new findings or technologies into the existing solution in order to always achieve the best possible energy efficiency. So that you can enjoy your solar system in the long term.


Why is STEBATEC the right partner for your photovoltaic system?

At STEBATEC, we consciously focus on the careful use of electrical energy. As an ISO 14001:2015 certified company for environmental management, we actively use our expertise for a sustainable future. Our expertise goes beyond photovoltaics and extends to energy management as a whole. With our many years of experience in electrical engineering, we not only guarantee you the highest quality, but also innovative solutions. Reduce your carbon footprint with a solution from a strong partner.

STEBATEC- Your partner for integrated energy solutions with solar systems

Our industrial photovoltaic systems are part of a comprehensive energy management concept. STEBATEC not only stands for state-of-the-art technologies, but also for responsibility towards the environment. Ensure energy stability in your company by relying on our integrated solutions. Harness the power of the sun together with us!



The advantages of our services for photovoltaic systems for industry and commerce

  1. Energy consumption optimisation: Thanks to bundled expertise in process control and energy, you can optimise your energy consumption without neglecting the core function of your system. In doing so, you make your organisation more efficient and ecological.
  2. Peak shaving: Reduce peak loads and minimise your energy costs.
  3. Energy concept: We develop customised energy concepts to meet your needs.
  4. Storage solutions: Integrated storage solutions enable effective utilisation at peak loads.
  5. One-stop shop: A single point of contact for your complete solution.
  6. Economic benefits: Protection against rising energy costs, savings through self-consumption, etc.
  7. Complete solution for the “electrified” future: Proven measures for tomorrow’s hunger for electricity.
  8. Recognising potential. Realising potential: Rely on our experience for efficient PV systems.


Intelligent technology for sustainable energy

Experience the future of energy generation with STEBATEC. Our industrial photovoltaic systems rely on intelligent technology to enable sustainable energy in your business. Discover the unique features that make our solar systems a smart investment in our future.

1. Powerful and efficient

Our solar systems impress with maximum performance and efficiency. We use state-of-the-art technology to maximise energy yield and minimise space requirements. This not only gives you more power, but also an environmentally friendly energy solution that pays for itself.

2. Storage technology

The future of energy generation lies in storage technology. We analyse possible technologies as well as cost-benefit ratios. Transparency, production routes and also life cycles play a major role in the topic of storage technology. We analyse each individual case before recommending advanced storage solutions to our customers. We will be happy to enable you to store surplus energy and call it up when needed.

3. Flexible energy concepts

Every system is unique. That’s why we develop customised energy concepts. We offer the flexibility, foresight and unconventional approach that pays off in every phase, in terms of price-performance ratio and environmental balance.

4. Environmentally conscious energy management = Future-proof investment

STEBATEC is not only committed to your energy supply, but also to the environment. With our solar systems, you not only shape your energy future, but also actively contribute to environmental protection. Our solar systems not only offer short-term benefits, but are also a long-term investment in sustainable and forward-looking energy generation. An investment in the future – for your company and our planet.

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