Damper actuator 24V DC

Battery-supported damper operation in the event of a power failure - simply via UPS in the control cabinet!

Damper actuator 24V DC with high availability for flow control, for release of the extinguishing water reserve, for supply release in the network, for actuation of discharge dampers, as well as for safety in case of emergency and malfunction.

Lowest electrical power, highest torque even with battery operation during mains failure. The Scheidegger damper actuator with 24V DC supply convinces with its ideal power transmission.

“1/4 direct rotation” or “crank drive” for butterfly and control dampers

A selection of adapter parts allows the actuator to be mounted on commercially available damper makes – available for all standard sizes from DN50 to DN1000. Two types are offered; the “1/4 direct rotation” actuator for control and butterfly valves ≤DN 300 (or ≤DN 250 for butterfly valves) and the “crank actuator” without rotation limitation, which is available for control and butterfly valves of all nominal sizes.

Interfaces and information

Both actuator types are equipped as standard with discrete signal outputs, for position and status transmission to the control system. On the “1/4 direct rotation” type, the damper position can additionally be read off by means of a position indicator on the housing; furthermore, the damper status is indicated by a light signal.


For operation in the event of a malfunction, the actuator is supplied as standard with a conveniently operated hand crank. On the 1/4 direct turn drive, the hand crank is permanently installed, while a key for manual operation is available for the crank drive in the scope of delivery.

Why use a Swiss product?

Products from our Water Supply Competence Center in Burgdorf have a very high degree of in-house production, are extremely robust, efficient and have been tried and tested since 1970. With our conscientious and high-quality service, we offer operational reliability and spare parts even for damper actuators that left our factory several decades ago. The product has been awarded the Swiss label.

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Technical information

Electrical and mechanical performance/characteristics of the damper actuators.

  • Signal outputs

    Signal outputs

    Analog Out 4..20mA

    • Damper position

    Digital In

    • flap CLOSED
    • Flap OPEN
    • Reset (thereby manual reset not possible)

    Digital Out potential free

    • Flap OPEN
    • Flap CLOSED
    • Manual operation
    • Overload
  • Mechanical performance

    Mechanical performance

    Model 1/4 direct rotation; torque on drive axle

    1000 Nm

    Crank drive model; torque on drive axle

    125 Nm

  • Electrical power consumption

    Electrical power consumption

    Model 1/4 direct rotation:

    Average: 200 – 300 mA / 24V DC

    Max. at start-up and heavy gear 1A / 24V DC

    Model crank drive:

    Average: 1 – 2A (Influenced by gearbox dimensioning/ratio).

    At start-up and heavy gear max 5A / 24V DC

    In case of failure Max. 6A / 24V DC


    • Power supply via switch cabinet UPS possible (note dimensioning)
    • Operation by hand crank in emergency
    • Integrated current monitoring
    • Small design, light construction weight
    • Adapter available for mounting on all commercially available damper brands
    • Attachment to existing dampers available as a service


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