Flow measurement

Proof of performance and competence achieved
We warmly congratulate our colleagues Dominic Bühler, Matthias Burkhard, Tobias Rau and André Vigna on successfully achieving the performance certificate for FLEXIM’s clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters. With the training at the FLEXIM Academy in Berlin, the team has deepened their expertise in clamp-on technology and trained for field use.
Take advantage of smart measurement systems
ARA Falkenstein has been operating flow measurements in the sewer network for a long time. For various reasons, they were looking for a new flow meter that does not generate backwater, is guaranteed to cover a large measuring range, and is user-friendly.
Reduce discharges and better utilise the capacity of the sewage treatment plant
After a planning phase lasting several years, which resulted in an approved water rights notice, the next step is to equip the neuralgic points in the 370 km long sewer network of the wastewater association in Upper Austria with the measuring and control technology shown in the picture.
Behind the scenes
The proven measuring system, consisting of an electromagnetic flow meter, a 90° outlet to en-sure complete filling and an in-flatable cushion to seal the pipe, is always used when precise flow measurement data is required.
LDM and TF wastewater flow measurements.
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In the gwf Water & Sewage issue 11/2021
Stebatec offers the algorithm-based INKA system and regularly publishes measurement data that provide information about the functionality of the system. In order to establish a certain degree of comparability with other systems, the company has now developed some evaluation options that enable both unregulated with dynamic, but also the comparison of different dynamic systems.
In December 1990, Hanspeter Gafner founded STEBATEC together with two business partners, thus laying the foundation stone of a long success story. With some articles under the title «30 YEARS STEBATEC», we will share our history with you here in the coming weeks.