In the gwf Water & Sewage issue 11/2021

Assessment of sewer network performance based on CSB and ammonium variability at wastewater treatment plants

Stebatec offers the algorithm-based INKA system and regularly publishes measurement data that provide information about the functionality of the system. In order to establish a certain degree of comparability with other systems, the company has now developed some evaluation options that enable both unregulated with dynamic, but also the comparison of different dynamic systems.

Sewer network management with the INKA system

INKA (Integral Control of Sewer Networks and Wastewater Treatment Plants) is a sewer network management tool that dynamically alters transfer quantities in the sewer network as far as possible in such a way that discharges and basin fillings are prevented until the treatment plant is fully utilised. For this purpose, the INKA controller increases or restricts the discharge quantities at the different points in the catchment area.

The current issue of the magazine gwf Wasser & Abwasser presents practical examples.

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