Reduce discharges and better utilise the capacity of the sewage treatment plant

RHV Braunau u. U. (AT) relies on dynamic sewer network control with INKA

The wastewater treatment plant of the Braunau u. U. wastewater treatment association has reached or slightly exceeded its design capacity. For the expansion of the biological stage, sewer space management plays an important role, as it can be used to control the inflow to the association’s treatment plant, which is very important for dampening the hydraulic shock loads due to the discharge of mixed water (wastewater and surface water). Thus, in the water law approval notice for the sewage treatment plant expansion, the Braunau wastewater treatment association was instructed to implement a sewer space management system. Now the approved water rights notice for sewer space management has been issued, so that the next step will be to equip the neuralgic points in the 370 km long sewer network of the wastewater association in Upper Austria with the measurement and control technology shown in the picture.

Thanks to the model-based and flexibly applicable INKA control algorithm, the sewer network optimisation will be activated within a few months after the commissioning of the new measurement and control technology. The effectiveness of the dynamic adaptation of the flow rates to the weather situation was already confirmed in advance by coupling the INKA controller to the MIKE+ simulation model.

Several TF stationary flow measurement partially filled, as well as LDM partially filled flow measurements are used, which are also suitable for the causer-based billing of wastewater charges. In order to be able to effectively influence the water flows, the measurements are supplemented with pneumatic control devices PNA.

In other catchment areas that have been equipped with INKA, water protection has been significantly improved. On rainy days, INKA delivers between 40% and 75% more COD load to wastewater treatment plants than static sewer networks. What is the benefit of INKA for the Reinhaltungsverband (RHV) Braunau and surroundings? We will inform you.