Our groundwater: the invisible treasure

World Water Day 22 March 2022

Strict legal requirements in Switzerland guarantee that we can drink water straight from the tap. The water and wastewater utilities are committed to maintaining this quality in the long term. Water is a public good that has always connected people and nature. It is imperative to ensure that all people have access to quality water. The creation of a smooth sewage system also makes a decisive contribution to this.

Water is life.

Intelligent management of the storage capacity in the sewer network makes a major contribution to water protection: it reduces overflows, makes optimal use of the storage volume in the sewer network and ensures the hydraulic capacity utilisation of the wastewater treatment plant. Scientific studies show that INKA significantly improves water protection – regardless of whether the system is used in small sewer networks, in urban networks or in extensive and large catchment areas.

Drinking water V2.0

With our solutions in the field of drinking water supplies, we are helping to take drinking water to the next level. Better analysis and quality assurance are just two of the many services in our range.

Our ALLinONE evaluation system provides you with comprehensive data. You can find the full breadth of our commitment on our website under Online Drinking Water Quality Monitoring.

One thing is clear: the next generation will also need clean water.

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