Control technology

SBR optimisation by recipe
The current Aqua&Gas issue 3/2023 focuses on the WWTP Brienz, which was newly built and equipped with the ARAbella control system from STEBATEC. Read the report to find out why the wastewater treatment manager Michael Baumann particularly appreciates the menu-guided and reliable flexibility for optimising his processes.
A first insight
If the way to work feels like a holiday and somehow looks like hiking, then we are in the Swiss mountains. At the moment we are renewing the controlling systems and adapting the existing process control system of the Wengen waterworks.
Our groundwater: the invisible treasure
Strict legal requirements in Switzerland guarantee that we can drink water straight from the tap. The water and wastewater utilities are committed to maintaining this quality in the long term.
In the gwf Water & Sewage issue 11/2021
Stebatec offers the algorithm-based INKA system and regularly publishes measurement data that provide information about the functionality of the system. In order to establish a certain degree of comparability with other systems, the company has now developed some evaluation options that enable both unregulated with dynamic, but also the comparison of different dynamic systems.