Working together for clean and peaceful access to water for all

World Water Day 2024

On World Water Day 2024, we are joining forces with Viva con Agua Switzerland to send a signal of solidarity. Water is a vital resource and a symbol of peace and harmony. In many regions of the world, access to clean water remains a challenge. To counteract this problem and promote peace, we have decided to support the construction of a spring catchment in Mozambique.

This initiative will not only provide hundreds of people with access to clean drinking water, but will also lay the foundations for a liveable, peaceful and healthy future. This spring catchment will significantly improve the lives of 300 people and give them the opportunity to sustainably secure their livelihoods.

World Water Day 2024 should remind us that water is not only a vital resource, but also a fundamental right that should be accessible to all people. It is time to step up our efforts to create a world in which all people have safe and peaceful access to water.